The only way to heal the world is to heal ourselves first. 


This kind of healing is not for when you're sick and go to the doctor. The Earth is sick because it is out of balance. When we restore balance within ourselves, we create more harmony in the world. 

Healing is hard work and not for the faint of heart. It's much easier to numb out than go through this process. But feeling is healing. By committing to the work of healing — yourself, your community, and the planet — you become a true leader. 

Our purpose is to support you on your own healing journey. Calling upon the power of nature and universal life energy, we design bespoke rituals and ceremonies for you to begin to heal yourself. A true healer teaches others to heal.

We offer our services to individuals and groups. We also design spaces and experiences to support your healing. 


“To heal means to make whole. The process of healing brings us back into balance with the whole of life”

— Rebecca Campbell


Self-healing is hard work and it doesn't need to be done alone. We're in this together. 


We believe that Nature is the ultimate healer (and also the ultimate designer!). Our process, strategy, and experiences are meant to open the door for you to begin your own relationship with Nature. Nature helps you find your true nature and discover the medicine you're here on this planet to offer.

For individuals ready to jump in to this work, book an appointment. To inquire about healing for spaces and groups, contact us.

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