design for healers


Brand & Creative Strategy Immersion

Phase 1 — 1 week

Discover who you really are and what you're bringing forth

  • Articulate vision, values, purpose, and design principles
  • Clarify and synthesize offerings, products, and experiences

add ons: logo 



Communications & Marketing Intensive 

Phase 1 — 2-3 weeks

Your story is your power — we help you unleash your power.

  • Discover your voice, platform, and community 
  • Create easeful marketing campaigns and transformational experiences that create value for your community
  • Make your offering buzzworthy so it attracts press, partnerships, and the right people

UX & Design Research

Phase 1 — 2-3 weeks

Remove any barriers that might be blocking the flow

  • Research to gain feedback and deeper understanding on the work that you're doing
  • Quickly prototype new ideas and uncover new opportunities
  • Test, iterate, and design experience flows

Design Development

Phase 1 — 2-3 weeks

Prototype, iterate, and create the work you're here to do!

  • Support in creating products, services, and experiences
  • Focus on regenerative practices and closed-loop systems

healing by design



1 -2 hour sessions or packages for deeper dives

You have the power to heal yourself. We're just here to help you reconnect to your power. We hold the space as you connect to nature to find your true nature. Get out of your own way, see what's really going on, tap into your intuition, and discover the medicine you have to offer the world. Come away with a personal design strategy.

Ideal for creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone in need of some self-care



Experiences from 2 hours — 1 week

Intentionally-designed nature-connected rituals and transformational experiences for couples, families, corporations, and communities. We offer scouting, logistics, scheduling, high vibe meals, facilitation, and ceremonies designed to connect and heal. Catered just for you with a focus on nature, mindfulness, personal growth, and expanded consciousness. 

Ideal for a corporate retreat or life-moment celebration



From temporary installations to permanent residencies 

Energy cleansing and home/office design for deeper connection and improved mindfulness. We design with a focus on nature elements, local artisans, secondhand upcycled pieces, and zero-waste. When your space reflects how you want to live, you can walk into your highest self. Heal your space to heal your life.

Ideal for startups, yoga studios, and homes.