6 week course

the medicine you offer

nature-aligned life design + implementation


fine tune your gifts and launch your offerings into the world 

You’re a leader. What you’re creating will change the world. How you create it matters.

If you want to design a better future, you need a better design process. So we turn to the best designer ever –Mother Nature.

When you create with the wisdom of nature, you design products/services/systems/experiences and ultimately — a life that heals individuals, communities, and the planet. 

This is not life coaching. This is a design process for the most important project ever — your life. At the end of our time together, you will already be offering your medicine to the world and you will have clarity on what’s coming next. 

The process itself is healing.

medicine you offer.007.jpeg

Phase 0: Get the Codes


six 1.5 hour calls (or in person) with text/email support

personal medicine maps — codes for daily, monthly, yearly, lifetime

Gene Keys reading

nature prescription with practices, rituals and ceremony

reading and resources

2 shamanic reiki journeys